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DCA Rd2: Tailembend

Round two of the Drift Challenge Australia series came to South Australia, and out of the two tracks we have here, it’s no surprise that Tailembend was chosen. The track was originally built as a test site for the Adelaide built cars from Mitsubishi, so the tight windy track was perfect for what DCA is all about. Unlike other events held here though, a wall was built mid track for those close wall taps that we all love could be achieved.

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Again the series organizer (Luke Fink) brought over another international driver. And like round one it was one of the best. Team Orange very own from Japan, Naoto Suanaga. He was driving the DCA car that Naoki Nakamura drove at Raleigh.



Unlike round one at Raleigh Raceway, round two was a three-day event with the Friday being an open practise/media day. I few drivers came up for the extra track time as most drivers couldn’t get the day off work.


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On the Saturday was more time for practise as well as qualifying and of course the driver favourite 60 min to win it jam session. the winner again like round one won a $500 bar tab and the after party that night. a few drivers had trouble with the layout being tight and technical which is unlike a lot of other tracks used for drift Australia wide. the winner of the 60 min to win it was Adelaide’s own Luke Broadbent in his V8 powered Nissan Cefiro seen leading in the next photo.

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Also held on the Saturday was the team qualifying. There were many teams entered in the team drift unlike round one. some drivers even choosing to compete with multiple teams of three drivers. In the end the team finals came down to Team Gypsy and Team Origin Labo Australia. The finals were to be held the following day.



Sunday was the big day for everyone. Lucky for some drivers they weren’t too hung over from last nights wild party (which I missed sadly).  Others didn’t fare so well in the end with plenty of panels damaged. But there was also LOTS of very talented drivers with constant door on door driving. Unlike other series in Australia, this is one of the major factors DCA focuses on. Not drag racing leaving the second car behind.

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In the end, the top four came down to Christian Pickering, Jordan Graham, Chris Dejager, and Naoto Suenaga. Jordan competed for a third place finish against Chris. after some great battles and a rerun, Jordan beat Chris to Take out third. The top Battle for a first place finish was between Christian and Naoto. The two of them are good friends and drift together in Japan often at Naoto’s home track of Ebisu. Again both drivers had some very close battles and even left tyre marks on each others doors. But in the end Christian took out the win and finished first for round two.



Christian also won the best looking car of the event. This is Christian in traditional drift style having a victory skid at the end of the day.



After all the battles were finished, It was time for the team drift finals, but after talking with the officials, this was dropped for more open track time and plenty of drift trains! It was the first time I had seen a drift train of 18 cars ever in Australia.



Having a drift train this full on also resulted in some contact that didn’t end too well for some.

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It also gave Luke some time to get out and rip some skids with the best. after all, running a three-day event and not getting into a car can be hard, and ripping some skids is the best way to relieve some stress.



At the end of the day on my way home, I quickly stopped and shot a couple of photos of the car show and shine that was on. This was also a new part of DCA. The winner was a very clean example AE86 Trueno.



I am hoping to make round 3 and continue my coverage of this series. After all, it is the best run series in Australia in my opinion and has some of the best drivers competing. I have met a lot of great people and made some new friends. Come on…… I mean where else can you hit a mates car and both walk away with a smile on your face. that’s what its all about. So Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

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Stadium Drift round 2

The other week I attended round 2 of the SA Stadium Drift series at Tailem Bend. Unlike other events I normally attend, this one I chose to shoot from the spectator area why I hung out with my mates. This is the best thing about this track in my opinion as you can get great shots no matter where you stand.












G1 round 3 – The Finals




















Mallala 10/10 Drift Matsuri




























Now I think I’m talking for all Nissan enthusiasts when I say that this is every Skyline owners dream car! Lucky for me, I got to go for a ride in Ash Marks 1972 GT2000 Skyline!



Driving with Ash through the Adelaide Hills was an amazing experience and made me think of what it would have been like back in the 70’s when this car was made. Blasting through the hills of Japan along the famous “skyline” roads, with the sound of the L20 motor revving away. But in this case, Ash’s Hakosuka sports a L28 that has been bored and stroked to a 3L, with a “pretty lumpy cam’ as Ash says. Intake sees a set of 3 s5 Mikuni solex phh 44mm cabbies and the exhaust side of things is handled with a  heat tapped header to a full stainless exhaust to the rear. The bottom end is expected to have some work done also but Ash has yet to pull the sump off to have a look. Ignition is taken care of a MSD 6A electric ignition system. Besides this the engine has been kept pretty stock for the fully restored look.



Something i was not aware of until seeing this car and speaking with Ash was that when the car was still in Japan, someone in the factory shaved the L28 off the engine and restamped the engine as a L20 for rego purposes.



The suspension has had a little bit of upgrading also to stiffen the old chassis and give the car the nice lowered look it has seen here. A pair of adjustable coil overs fitted up front that have been very cleverly disguised to get the car through regency, but some things have to be kept secret. It also has a strut brace to keep the front struts nice and stiff. Ash also has plans for more bracing like fender and  chassis braces, and possibly a roll cage in the near future.



The interior has been kept pretty stock with the exception of a few novelties like the Japanese match box in the centre console which Ash picked up on a recent trip to the motherland. It no longer holds matches though as its now used to store spare fuses for the car. But if your going to have a classic JDM car, why not get the proper Japanese gangster look hahaha.



For wheels, the Hako sports a set of original Watannabe rims in 15×8 front and 16×9 rear (unknown offset sorry).




Many of you will say that I’m pretty lucky to get to ride in a nostalgic Japanese car like this, but plans are to go for another cruise in the future which down the coast of Goolwa. sorry to rub it in! Thanks go out to Aaron Pearson for hooking this photo shoot up for me, and a MASSIVE thanks to Ash Marks for taking me out for a ride and the many beers that were had at the pub when we stopped. Both guys I’m glad to call mates! Its was definitely an experience I can tick off my bucket list. Bring on the next cruise!!!

G1 round 3

A little late, but better late than never! Here are some of the photos i took at this years round 3 of the South Australian G1 drift series.







Nissan Datsun car club of SA hillclimb

A few weeks ago I attended the Nissan Datsun car club of South Australia’s private hill climb day. There were plenty of old school Datsuns there on the day including a rare 510 bluebird that was running a rover V8 and painted in the BRE paint scheme. There was also an orange painted SSS 1600 bluebird racing up the hill! Among the mixture of Datsun and Nissan’s were a bunch a Mazda mx5, a few old Europeans, a new Toyota 86, and a very quick F1 looking racecar! The day was organised very well and through out the day, drivers were allowed to take passengers for rides up the hill. If you have never been to Collingrove hill climb, I highly recommend it as it’s a great track for both drivers and spectators alike. Thank you to the NDCC of Sa for running a great event and letting me attend to shoot the whole day.

Enjoy the photos!


Man its been forever!!! – G1 round two – part1

So i finaly found time to do some photo editing on my G1 photos and here is the first lot. The day was a very good event and im looking forward to round 3.


Now for some battle pics!!!


Hopefully i will find some time to edit the rest of the photos i have from this event hahaha.

Enjoy guys!

Stadium Drift-Tailem Bend rd 2

Stay Tunned for part 2!

Drift Supercup 2012

Theres not much to say about this event except WOW! Great day, great cars, great people and drift! If you havent been to DSC before, make sure you get their next year. Thanks to Mallala Raceway for putting on a good event.

Congratulations to Jarred Klingberg for taking out first place!

Enjoy the photos.



The Vic crew! Make sure you check out the work from Joey at Jacked it, and Matty from Stylised Productions as both these guys do awesome work.


Your winner for the day, Jarred Klingberg killing it! Congratulations buddy.

Luke Broadbent had a few unfriendly encounters with the tyre stacks through the day, but managed to get the car back together thanks to his crew and continued on to win the drift snake challenge.


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