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One Sick Sil80!

So I had a photo shoot with an old friend of mine, and his awesome Nissan sil80 drift car the other day. Chris’ car is currently still a “build in progress”, but when its finished it’s going to be a beast. Trust me! what makes this build so awesome is the new power plant. A 2JZ fitted to a shorten rb25 gearbox. Thats right. A 2jz!

In the engine bay we have a gt3582 turbo with a TIAL 38mm external wastegate, super now solid engine mounts, HKS oil cooler, sard radiator, k&n oil catch can, generic intercooler, as well as OEM parts sourced from other Nissan vehicles.

In the suspension department we have a wide variety of aftermarket parts such as JIC coilovers, ikeya formula rack ends, KTS tie rod ends, kazama caster rods, power by max solid sub frame bushes, and s14 lower control arms. Braking is being taken care of with  project mu disks, s14 four pot front calipers, with all brakes being fitted with braided lines.

On the inside we have most of the interior still being ripped out with a single bride fixed back racing seat being fitted to hold Chris in place when he’s holding the car sideways through all those turns at Mallala. Accompanying this is a full Cusco 8 point roll cage, works bell steering wheel, blitz boost controller, relocated battery to the now missing back seat, as well as the much-needed apexi gauges to make sure nothing happens to the new power plant.

The body at this point is pretty standard except for a pair of Origin carbon fiber rear wings.


In the Tyre department, Chris has a variety of different rims which he will be using which are 17×9 +11, 17×9.5 +15 and 17×8 +8. All rims will be wrapped in 215/45r17 tyres.

Chris is looking to have the car finished in time to attend Drift school at Mallala in April, so if you go, make sure you say hi to him and check out his ride. Make sure you also watch for Chris at future drift practises and hopefully some drift events in the near future.

Chris would also like to thank metalwork for the help they have provided and all his mates for the advice, beers, and general help on the car.



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